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FPO Agmark

FPO - Fruit Product Order is a brand that ensures the quality food product services in the nation. There are various certifications being offered by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries where FPO agmark is among of that being ensured the quality food products and beverages. FPO Agmark is majorly worked with agriculture products in order to authenticate the services of agriculture products. Likewise to ISO 9000 family of quality standard, this FPO agmark too works on providing the certification of quality and reliability to the agriculture industries while approving their standard of offering services to the corporate mass.

There are various food products and agriculture items that are being concerned under the FPO agmark like vegetable oils, groundnuts, daried edible mushrooms, alphonso mangoes export, cardamom, chillies powder, ambadi seeds, turmeric, pepper, palmyra Fibres, aloe fibres and many more. Besides, these are many more food products and beverages that are listed under FPO agmark certification.

FPO Agmark Certification

This certification involves various standards and policies being defined by the FPO under the govern authority of Ministry of Food Processing Industries. This certification is usually offered to ensure the standard of quality of agriculture products in the nation. There are various steps and procedure that one needs to follow while applying for FPO agmark certification like DD of Rs. 1000 as govt. fees, office map, pollution free certification, fpo grade manufacturing certificate, company registration certificate, affidavits, trademark registration certificate and many more. All these steps need to be followed while complying with fpo agmark certification. Therefore, it is suggested to get consulted with any of the well reputed corporate law firm including trademarkregistrationindia, that introduce you with complete package of fpo agmark certification at the best affordable rates. Thus, just call us at 8800100281 in order to get more information about the same.

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