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Public limited Company Registration

A Public Limited Company is generally bigger than the private limited company, and is exclusively privileged to deal with shares, deposits, and debentures, etc., of the general public, with or without the help of stock exchanges. Any public limited company is essentially a limited liability company, as compared to the unlimited companies. Again, the public limited companies are required to make adequate disclosures to the public and the regulating authorities.

Our widely prominent law firm has been providing perfect and punctilious services to the corporate and commerce sectors for a long enriching time to people and entities in all across India, and other countries abroad. Ours these legal services inherently include proper and responsible registration of private and public limited companies. In present article we will focus mainly and exclusively on the public limited company registration process and the pre-requisites for such type of company in India. Today, our internationally reputed law firm is immensely famous and popular for public limited company registration india. The section below also deals with the question, the benefits of a public limited company in India.

The Benefits of a Public Limited Company

  • Members' (the directors and shareholders) financial liability is limited to the quantity of money they have paid for shares.
  • The management structure is undoubtedly defined, that makes it easy to appoint, retire or take away directors.
  • If extra capital is required, it can be raised by selling more shares privately. It is simple to confess more members.
  • The death, bankruptcy or withdrawal of capital by one associate does not affect the company's ability to trade.
  • The disposal of the complete or part of the business is easily arranged. High status.
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