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Shop Act Registration

Every business whether small or big entrepreneur should accompanied with all types of corporate laws and acts in order to proof their existence. Well, in this new model of corporate world, every country has followed its own set of business rules and regulations being established by the state and center govern authority. Well, in India with an introduction of numbers of multinational companies many new amendments have been taken place by the govern authorities. Here, shop act is one of the powerful tools being launched by the state government in order to get proof of existence of all legal business activities held in the respective state.

Shop and establishment act is being one of the Jurisdictional acts that need to be filed by every business house in order to proof their legitimate businesses in a specified jurisdiction. The main objective of shop and establishment act is to provide the statutory powers, obligations and rights to the employees and employers on the various stages of employment. Here in India, every state has its own regulations for shop act that need to be accompanied by every corporate house in that state.

Rules under the provision of shop act:
  • Need to register with shop act within the thirty days of starting of business.
  • Need to mention work hours on week and per day basis.
  • Need to mention holiday list, overtime work rule, opening and closing hours.
  • Need to mention different job profiles for men and women.
  • Need to mention services in respect of employment and termination.

Online Shop Act Registration Form

Shop act on being getting as one of the most favorable acts at the state level, numbers of law firms and legal enterprises have come up with their services in online shop act registration. Here at trademarkregistrationindia bring you with complete services in shop act registration where we will provide you with shop act registration form where you need to add your business details and other legal documents. Thus, we assist you in complying all legal details and requisites that need to mention for shop act registration. Therefore, just mail us out at here with your business details where we will revert with best possible shop act solution at your door step.

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