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Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting provides a familiar environment for administering and managing your Website. If you are comfortable using Windows on your home or work computer, you will find it relatively easy to begin maintaining your website via a Windows-based server. It is also the better option if you plan to integrate your site with an Access database. It is a very stable hosting solution to offer nearly all the versatility of Linux. You can create sub domains, develop new server-side functionality on your website, run database-friendly websites and host multiple websites from one account.

  • Easy to Manage, organize, and utilization.
  • Secure associated Infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-Class Reliability, Scalability, Availability, and Performance.
  • Lower TCO through Consolidation and the most modern Technology.
  • Create active Intranet and Internet Web Sites.
  • Fast Development with Integrated Application Server.
  • Your File Server into an influential Collaboration Server.
  • Computerize Operations with Script-based and Policy-based Management Tools.
  • Enhance Document Protection and Availability via Intelligent File Storage.

Windows Web hosting services India

We offer windows web hosting services at an affordable price with complete customer satisfaction. If you require a Windows web hosting environment for your web site, start with the basic Windows Starter Hosting, which supports ASP.NET, Access, PHP & MySQL. For web developers who use ASP or ASP.NET, it is our most popular windows web hosting plan. We recognize the need in today's market for reliable and affordable web hosting within the web hosting industry. With both consumer and business interest growing and the yet increasing use of ecommerce the need for professional web hosting has never been greater. Our mission is to provide business and individuals the tools to be able to successfully and effectively launch their Internet presence. Our web hosting plans are designed to make easy start-ups, businesses needing to expand their presence, web hosting expert and anyone who is just looking for a better value.

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