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Brand Registration

A brand speaks a lot about a business organization and its line of products and services it deals with. Therefore, brand registration or trademark registration is inevitable for all kinds of business organizations. A brand or trademark can be just a symbol or any sign which represents the whole company or an enterprise at a first glance and it works like an identity among large numbers of potential customers across the world. Brand registration or trademark registration followed the Indian Trademark Registration Act, 2008 in order to give an identity to all Indian enterprises and business organizations those are doing business in different sectors. Brand registration is a process and one should take the help of few qualified and well trained trademark professionals as per the law and regulations when it comes to trademark registration or brand registration for business or individuals.

How To Register A Brand Name in India

The brand name registration in India is almost same like other countries like USA and UK. These days, online brand registration has been growing rapidly as this process is quite easy and simple compared than traditional medium. Indian Trademark Registration Act, 2008 gives the certificate of registration after going through all the procedures as per the act. As trademark or brand name registration is a series of process and one should complete all steps in order to a registration certificate from the Government of India. Trademark application is the very first step followed by brand name or trademark search by trademark professionals in order to get a unique and distinct brand name for your business organization. Global Jurix, one of the most reputed trademark and patent registration firm based out of Delhi with well qualified trademark attorneys have been providing brand name registration services at affordable prices to numerous clients.

Brand Registration in India
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