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Patent Process

To apply for a patent in India, the applicant must first finalize its invention in the light of information derived from thorough and meticulous patent searches. Support of an experienced patent attorney is essential for further processing of patent for its proper and secured registration with the desired patent authority. The new invention in the interested field of business, industry, or profession, is to be created as per the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patent Rules, 1972 of the Central Government of India. Besides giving complete information about how to apply for patent in India or abroad, the patent attorneys help clients of all economic sectors comprehensively all along the entire patent process. The most important services of patent attorney are - conducting flawless patent searches, suggesting modifications or refinements in the new invention, drafting patent application, filing the patent application with prescribed patent authorities, and prosecuting for the best possible and perfect patent registration. Our patent attorneys and punctilious patent lawyers are well-experienced in handling patents pertaining to various economic sectors in all across India, and diverse international patent legislations.

Patent Process in India

After preparing well-drafted patent application with precious help of well-informed and experienced patent attorney, there comes the task of filing the same with any of the prescribed patent office's established in all across the country. In general, support and guidance of patent lawyers is recommended for processing patents for perfect and secure registration of those. For registration of patents, zonal patent offices are present in the cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Each of these regional patent offices covers patent applications forwarded by people and entities in diverse fields of commerce and profession sectors established in most of the surrounding States. After close examination of the patent application, and absence of any opposition, the patent office grants patent rights to the applicants. Here, it is noteworthy that patents require comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in the field concerned, in respect of accuracy, safety to users, originality, uniqueness, the best possible technique or technology, and an expert hand for drafting, filing, and prosecuting. Our internationally famous and popular law firm provides the complete gamut of punctilious and perfect services regarding the patents and their scrupulous processing in throughout India. Our intellectual property attorneys and patent lawyers have exclusive understanding of the patent process in india, for all types of patents in various fields of business, industry, and profession.

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