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PCT Filing

The PCT Filing is one of the most recognized and popular procedures in the world, for obtaining patent rights and protection in all countries parties to this International patent treaty. This Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was formulated in the year 1970, and is operated by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Today, this international patent law treaty has about 150 contracting countries as its parties. This pct filing is a unified and standard procedure for acquiring recognition and protection to any new invention in its all these contracting countries. The detailed pct filing process is described in the section below. Our internationally famous and reputed law firm has been providing well-rounded services and advice regarding filing a pct, concerned with diverse fields of business, industry, and profession. Our perfect and expeditious services for pct filing india, are famous all across the country. People and entities doing business in countries all around the world, at domestic or international levels, have been benefited impressively by our legal firm regarding their pct filing. The pct filing fees vary depending on the field of business and the country of the applicant.

PCT Filing Process

PCT filing is a process of file an application for patent under the agreement of patent cooperation. PCT filing process has two phrases including international phase and national phase. Under International phrase, only one contacting state of PCT is being used while filed an application under the same whereas in national phase of pct filing, all the documents needs to be filed in different contracting states of the PCT filing. The national phase of pct filing where every country have its own rules and prescriptions; thus, one need to follow or act distinctly in every contacting state of PCT if one needs to file a pct under national phase. Different countries with contacting state of PCT charges different fees of national pct filing. Somewhere it's a time taking process and in some countries it takes hardly few days to carry out.

Well, here at trademarkregistrationindia, we bring you with the detail services in pct filing process where our expert attorneys and lawyers being introduced you with complete process and procedures for pct filing at national and international phase. With vast level of knowledge and well versed experience would help our clients in getting exact pact filing around the world. Thus, if you are looking for the same just get in touch with at where we bring you with detail services in pct filing.

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