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Patent Law

The Patent Law deals exclusively with creation, registration, enforcement, and protection of all types of new inventions in various fields of commerce and profession. The national patent offices in countries all around the world are primarily responsible for proper and perfect compliance to their respective patent law. However, now, endeavors have been made for global harmonization of patent laws under the pioneering of the World Trade Organization (WTO) with its TRIPS Agreement. International Treaties like the Paris Convention, European Patent Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), etc. are also greatly supportive for this visionary purpose, to facilitate worldwide business and trade.

Creative inventions are lifeblood of business in any economic field, and pave the way for desired development and growth. Therefore, any such invention must be appreciated properly through securing it with the help of patent laws, and giving the inventor legitimate rights. Our internationally prominent law firm is dedicated whole-heartedly to this noble objective, through providing well-rounded and impeccable patent law services, in India and abroad.

Patent Law in India

The patent law in india is governed, regulated, and controlled by the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patents Rules, 1972. For this purpose, there are well-established regional patent law offices in all across the country, in the cities of Kolkata (Head Office), New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. These Indian patent legislations are in conformity with the above-mentioned international treaties. Each of this zonal patent office's grants patent rights to inventions by people and entities belonging to most of the surrounding States nearby. Our amply experienced and well-connected law firm has been extending punctilious and flawless services for a long time in every part of India regarding all matters connected with the patent law. Owing to this prominent reason, our organization is one of the top patent law firms in India. All categories of new inventions in almost all fields of the commercial, industrial, professional, and institutional sectors have been served intelligently, gratifyingly, and quite economically by our mellow and expert patent attorneys and vibrant lawyers, in India and abroad.

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