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Private Limited Company Registration

The Private Limited Companies are certainly the most prominent and popular form of a corporation, in countries all around the whole world, including India. The majority of companies in almost all economic sectors are private limited. In this article, we will provide information about the processes for private limited company registration in any part of India, in the desired fields of commerce and profession. Here, it is noteworthy that our internationally reputed and popular law firm offers well-rounded legal services to almost all sectors of economy in India and abroad. At present, we are widely famous and hugely popular for private limited company registration india.

A Private Limited Company is the company or corporation which is limited by its maximum number of shareholders, and cannot offer its shares to the general public. Hence, a private limited company cannot trade on the stock exchanges. Consequently, a private limited company has to make lesser disclosures to the public for its business activities, and is operated and managed privately by a limited number of shareholders, members, and directors. Moreover, the regulatory compliances to be made with governmental regulating authorities are also lesser than that of the public limited companies. More information about the private limited companies, and how to register a private limited company in India, The following steps are followed while applying for the registration of a private limited company:

  • Selecting the proposed name of a company
  • Name of the Board of Directors and their address
  • Application fee for the registration
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