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Patent Filing

The patent filing and registration in India, is governed and regulated by the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patent Rules, 1972. For such exclusive purposes, there are regional patent office's recognized by the Central Government of India, in all across the country. More information about these patent offices is given in the section below. New inventions by individuals, companies, institutions, industries, organizations, etc., active in diverse fields of commerce, industry, and profession, are made secure through their proper registration with any of these zonal patent offices. Our internationally prominent and reputed law firm based in India, offers the complete range of services regarding patents, essentially including prompt and rigorous patent filing in india. Information regarding how to file a patent in India is as follows:

First of all clients are advised to finalize their respective new inventions in the interested fields of business. Then, as patents are highly sensible and sensitive intellectual property, comprehensive and expert legal support and wise counsel are recommended, for proper processing of these. Our services regarding patent filing range from scrupulous patent search and drafting of perfect patent application, to filing patent application in India or abroad, and prosecuting for the best possible and faster patent registration.

Patent Filing in India

The patent filing in india is supported well-rounded by our reputed law firm, as is the case with other intellectual property, and diverse laws associated with the commerce, profession, and service sectors of economy. Prompt and perfect filing a patent belonging to any of the fields of engineering, technology, scientific, medical, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, production or manufacturing, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, medicines, healthcare, agriculture, media and e-commerce, consumer goods and products, and various other fields, is handled proficiently and impeccably by our legal experts, technocrats, and professionals in the concerned field of business or profession. For convenient and economical registration of patents, there are well-established regional patent offices in the cities of Kolkata (Head Office), New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Each of these zonal offices undertakes and supervises patent registrations on behalf of people and entities belonging to surrounding States.

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