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Patent Application Filing

Filing the well-drafted application for getting patent rights, with the concerned patent office, is commonly termed as the patent application filing. It is the proper and the best way for obtaining patent rights and protection deserved by any new invention, for doing business in the domestic or international arena. Our internationally renowned law firm offers rigorous and responsible services at quite economical charges for patent application filing in India and other countries of the world. New and original inventions in all fields of commerce, industry, business, and profession are perfectly drafted and scrupulously filed with the desired patent offices by our experienced and expert patent attorneys and punctilious intellectual property lawyers, in every part of the whole world promptly. We are nationwide reputed and popular for impeccable patent application filing india.

Patent Application Filing Checklist

There are certain prescribed requirements for filing a patent application with patent authorities in all across the world. The checklist given below is applicable for most of the countries in this connection. The detailed checklist for patent application filing india, is as follows:

  • Inventor's Particulars - These include the name, address, signature, nationality, etc., of both the inventor and the applicant.
  • Patent Specification - The patent specification comprises of comprehensive details about the new invention furnished in the manner prescribed, and essentially includes the background and summary of the invention, complete description about things involved, claims, drawings, and abstract.
  • Priority Claim Details (if any) - These consist of priority application number and date, priority country, title and applicant of the priority application, certified copy of the priority document in English, etc.
  • Necessary References - Regarding sources of information that have been helpful in the creation; these may include trade journal articles, patent publications, expert suggestions, and so on.
  • Forms - Such as the Power of Attorney.
  • Prescribed patent application filing fees - by the concerned and most competent patent authority.
  • Other Documents - These include authorization letter in favor of the applicant, documents in support to the invention, details of applications made in other countries about this invention, etc.
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