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Trademark Search

Finding a brand name in this globalized world is one of the most challenging things every business has to face. If you are going to file a trademark, it is important for you to search for a trademark to see if your proposal mark will infringe upon any other pre-existing mark. In cases, when you choose a trademark that is already existing, your application will be rejected or result in lawsuit.

If you do not have the relevant knowledge required to find the accurate mark, it is recommended to hire a lawyer who can not only do the search for you but can also tell you if your trademark is likely to be successfully registered or rejected. Trademark search is mainly classified under two categories, national and international trademark name search but the procedure for search is almost the same.

When you have the expertise of a trademark attorney by your side, this will save most of your time and possibly money. According to certain laws, the trademark rights are always granted to the first party to use that trade mark. By taking time to have a trademark search which will tell you if the mark is clear or being used, you can avoid many hurdles and problems coming your way.

Free Online Trademark Search

Online trademark search is an easy way to find the right trade mark. The most common way for free trade mark search online is the trademark electronic search system (TESS) offered by the USPTO which allows you to do a search proficiently. It also offers many search strategies best utilized by the trademark attorney experts in the trade mark services. So, if you own a business and have thought of a logo or brand name that is unique and do not want others to copy and use, then the free online trademark search can be an ideal way to find out the right brand name, slogan or logo for your new business.

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