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LLP Formation

LLP is a type of company where two or more members come together to run their businesses. With llp form of corporation, you will find the exact feature of partnership and limited company. As with llp there are numbers of legal benefits subjected to llp formation like taxation benefits, sharing of liabilities among members, only two members are enough to form llp, no limitation over the capitals of members and many more legel facilities are provided to llp formation. These advancements and beneficial aspects of llp have made the society to think towards llp formation. While making your company as llp, there are several steps and procedures that need to follow as established by concern authorities of llp.

Online LLP Formation Procedure

  • Do apply with DPIN
    DPIN - designated partner identification number is one of the basic needs of llp where every member should apply with.
  • Do get Approval of llp name
    Every company has its own unique name in order to carry their business. Thus, llp too need a name that requires getting approval from llp name authority. Here, one needs to follow an online application for getting name approval certification.
  • File to Register / Formation of LLP
    After name approval, now it's turn to file online application for llp registration. Here, other legal documents are also needed to be filed with online application.
  • Do Submit Form 3 and Form 4
    While formation of llp, form3 and form 4 is need to be submitted online that brings consent and agreement in terms of llp formation and incorporation among the members.

Online llp formation has really taken the world to par of llp services where you can easily get your company to be registered under the mode of llp. Thus, call us at 8800100281, in order to avail best llp services globally.

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