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Patent Search

Expeditious, comprehensive, and perfect patent search services are provided rigorously by us, to facilitate prompt registration of original and new inventions in diverse fields of commerce and profession, in India and abroad. The patent search is essential for checking the originality of the invention; ascertain its ready acceptability for secure registration, and to keep at bay any allegations of patent infringement by other companies or patent holders. Therefore, our internationally prominent legal organization with worldwide connections essentially offers elegant and impeccable services for patent registrations with the most competent authorities in India and abroad, supported inherently by patent search services. Our comprehensive range of services regarding patent search encompasses patent application searches, patent number searches, and free patent search for our old and regular clients in various fields of commerce, industry, and profession, belonging to India and abroad. In the section below is offered more information about patent search on behalf of individuals, companies, and institutions active in India and abroad.

Patent Search Services in India

Our punctilious and discerning patent search services in all across India are provided for the broad sectors of all branches of Engineering, Medical, Medicines, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Technology, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Scientific, Computer Software and Hardware, Telecommunications, Media and e-Commerce, Technical, and various other commercial and industrial fields. All databases of registered and applied for patents falling under the jurisdictions of Indian and International patent offices and authorities, are searched thoroughly to ensure originality of the invention forwarded by our clients. Our law firm has a pool of well-informed and broadly experienced intellectual property attorneys, patent lawyers, technocrats, patent experts, and research scholars to perform meticulous and flawless patent searches and the final drafting of the patent application for registration. They are also equally experienced in filing patent applications with Indian and International patent authorities, and in patent prosecution for faster and better results. Our attorneys and advocates have broad and rich experience for filing and prosecuting patent applications under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), European Patent Convention (EPC), Paris Convention, and Madrid Protocol, besides the patent offices in all across India. Owing to these specialties, our law firm is famous and popular hugely in all across the country for patent search india.

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