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Brand Registration in Lucknow

This one of the fastest progressing cities of northern India, and glamorous capital of the massive Uttar Pradesh, has been reaping lavish benefits of our legal services for around a decade, to support its fast-paced economy and industrial growth. These services related mainly with the company law, commercial law, and intellectual property laws. Here, on this webpage, presented is very productive information about brand registration in lucknow, to secure the legitimate rights of the owners of newly created trademarks and service marks for the purposes of doing national or international businesses in the concerned economic fields.

As far as our service for trademark or brand registrations of people and entities of Lucknow is concerned, numerous have been benefited by this, so far. Hence, our trademark lawyers of updated knowledge and international renown can offer the service of an expert brand trademark consultant in lucknow, to promote its commercial, industrial, and economic growth in future years.

Logo and Brand Name Search and Registration for Your Company or Product Brand

This section contains very useful and exclusive information regarding how to register brand in lucknow up, for doing business in the desired economic field at domestic level in India. All tasks related with the logo and name search and registration for your company or product brand, are extended adeptly and utmost responsibly by our veteran and reputed trademark lawyers. These tasks are performed strictly as per the provisions and rules given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and all amendments made thereto till date.

The tasks to be performed during the entire procedure of trademark/brand/logo registration, are the following:
  • Creation of a unique and scintillating trademark/service mark/logo for doing business/service in the specified field
  • Ensuring indubitable distinctiveness and uniqueness of the newly created trademark/logo, through trademark search within India
  • Filing the complete application for trademark/logo registration with the concerned zonal trademark registry office; in this case, the relevant office of trademark registry will be the office located in New Delhi
  • Satisfying the curiosities and suggestions of the trademark examiner/registrar
  • Dealing with cases of trademark opposition, if any
  • Providing trademark prosecution for perfect and promptest registration

To avail our prompt and impeccable services for registrations of trademarks or logos, for doing business in the desired fields in India or abroad, please call over: +91-8800-100-281-; or mail your curiosities to

Brand Registration in India
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